Pacaya Volcano Half Day Excursion - Private Tour

Pacaya Volcano Half Day Excursion - Private Tour

Duration: 7 hours / Difficulty: Challenging / Private

Book a private tour for 1-4 people from Antigua to Pacaya Volcano! Our half-day excursion is a private experience, with your own bi-lingual guide, and a local volcano guide. Your group will follow the trail until you reach the top of Pacaya, where you'll descend into a field of petrified lava flows. There, you may be able to view small bursts of ash and smoke, as Pacaya is one of Guatemala's three active volcanoes! If you're lucky, there may be a small lava flow to witness, but please use caution and follow your guide's instructions. Your guide will direct you to some very hot vents between the rocks, where you can roast marshmallows for a well-deserved snack. 

For those who are hesitant to make the climb, you can rent a horse from a local for approximately 300Q (bring cash and negotiate the price on site). We recommend you bring water, snacks, sun and/or rain protection, a light jacket as it gets chilly at the top of the mountain, and sturdy, closed-toe shoes (the rocks can be sharp). 

You will be picked up at your accommodation at the time of your choosing, although the latest departure is 2pm due to the park closing at 6pm. The price of the tour includes the mandatory Q50 national park entrance fee, transport, a local guide, a bi-lingual Due South Travels guide, and marshmallows.

Pricing for this private experience is as follows:

1 person $90 total

2 persons $120 total

3 persons $150 total

4 persons $160 total 

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