Antigua Walking Tour

Antigua Walking Tour

Duration: 2 hours / Difficulty: Easy

Take a 2+ hour guided walking tour of Antigua, one of UNESCO's World Heritage Sites. Our local guide will give you tons of great information, not only about the history of the city and its architecture, but about the geography, culture, and religion of historical and modern day Guatemala. During the tour we will visit and discuss all of Antigua's significant landmarks, including the ruins of the main cathedral. We will talk about the volcanoes and massive earthquakes Guatemala has experienced, the Mayan ethnic groups, the Spanish invasion, and modern day life here. You will have a thorough understanding of the story of colonial Antigua, and a vision of what life is like here on a day-to-day basis for many Guatemalans.

We are different from the four hour walking tours offered in town because we don't take you shopping (too much pressure!), however, our local guides would love to bring you AFTER the tour if you'd like a thorough explanation of jade (or perhaps a souvenir), or if you're interested in bargaining for some beautiful handicrafts or textiles and need some local guidance! You'll also receive plenty of other suggestions for things to do in and around town. We will stop once for a refreshment/bathroom break during the tour as well.

The tour begins at Iglesia La Merced, the large yellow church located on 6a Avenida Norte and 1a Calle Oriente. Please meet us in front. Your guide will be identifiable by a government issued card hanging around his/her neck. The tour will then head past the famous Antigua arch, through central park, the cathedral, Tanque de la Union Park, and end at San Francisco Church. 

Tour price includes entrance fee to the cathedral ruins, and all tours are done in ENGLISH unless you contact us to request another language, which can easily be arranged. We will provide you with maps at the end of the tour, and our personal contact information in case you need assistance during the rest of your stay in Guatemala.

FYI: Ladies are not permitted to enter the church of San Francisco if they are wearing shorts or have bare shoulders. Ladies are advised to bring something to cover bare shoulders, and ladies are not permitted to enter the church at our last stop if they are wearing shorts. 

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